Saturday, 14 April 2018

Toulouse T'Pau to Dax 14th - 16th April 2018 Day 1

A three day trip over to the land of Airbus for Andy, Cat, Colin and John. After brekkie at home we headed to the local where LB pegged back a G650.

Luton 14-04-18
D-ATUH Boeing 737-8K5 TUI - hangared
N900LS Bombardier Global Express
N900LS BD700 Luton 14-4-18
VP-BXB Gulfstream G650
VT-RVL Dassault Falcon 2000
9H-GVG Bombardier Global Express
9H-ICE Airbus A318

Today's chariot was G-EZDH operating a rather empty EZY2077 - 35 pax. The offer of moving to extra leg room seats was duly snapped up by all of us.

Before picking up the hire car it was up to the car park for a first look at Airbus. The original motor was quickly returned as it sounded like the bearings were going. Motor 2 had no problems so circuit time it was.

I won't profess to knowing all the areas so I'll list them by type.

Toulouse-Blagnac 14-04-18
F-WWEB 1476 IndiGo
F-WWEN 1488 Wings
F-WWEQ 1490 Binter Canarias
F-WWEY red colours
no reg 1491 IndiGo

F-WNEO Airbus Industrie
F-WWAI  Old house colours - for Aeroscopia Museum
F-WWBB 8077 IndiGo
F-WWBC 7757 Tianjin Airlines
F-WWBD 8158 IndiGo
F-WWBD 8158 A320 IndiGo TLS 14-04-18
F-WWBH 8231 Royal Brunei
F-WWBI 7851 Tianjin Airlines
F-WWBS 8209 GoAir
F-WWBV 8234 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WWBX 8225 Air India
F-WWBY 8173 British Airways - NC on tail
F-WWDC 8261 Royal Brunei
F-WWDI 8218 IndiGo
F-WWDM 8247 Pegasus Airlines - NBU on nose
F-WWDT 7992 Lucky Air
F-WWDV 8139 British Airways - NB on tail
F-WWDY 8152 GoAir
F-WWIA 8196 All Nippon Airways
F-WWIA 8196 A320 Toulouse 14-4-18
F-WWID 7849 West Air
F-WWIF 8228 Volaris
F-WWIG 8221 Iberia
F-WWII 8122 Capital Airlines
F-WWIJ China Eastern Airlines
F-WWIK 8142 S7 Airlines
F-WWIP 8146 GoAir
F-WWIR 8181 Vueling Airlines
F-WWIU 8252 Air Asia Japan
F-WWIY 8259 IndiGo
F-WWIZ 8240 Avianca
F-WWTS 8094 Capital Airlines
F-WWTV 8042 Air Guilin
F-WXAJ Avianca Brasil
F-WXAK 7918 Avianca Brasil - BQ on nose
F-WXAL 8086 Avianca Brasil - BR on nose
F-WXAO Avianca Brasil - BP on nose
VP-BIJ Aeroflot Russian Airlines
no reg 8275 primer
+ 8310, 8319, 8340, 8343, 8352 fuselages only, in primer.

D-AVXA Airbus Industrie

F-WTTE Airbus Industrie
F-WWCB 871 Airbus Industrie
F-WWJC 1844 primer
F-WWCM 1856 Sichuan Airlines
F-WWCS 1869 China Eastern Airlines
F-WWCY 1865 Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWKH 1864 Level - LVL on nose
F-WWKI 1863 Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWKM 1819 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWKQ 1861 primer
F-WWKV 1871 Hainan Airlines
F-WWKY 1862 Capital Airlines
F-WWYO 1850 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWYP 1876 Azul Linhas Aereas
F-WWYQ 1868 China Eastern Airlines
F-WWYR 1857 primer
F-WWYU 1867 Shenzhen Airlines
no reg 1824 Airbus Industrie - new Beluga
no reg 1851 Lucky Air

A7-ALZ Qatar Airways
A7-ALZ A350 Qatar TLS 14-04-18
F-WLXV Airbus Industrie
F-WMIL 059 Airbus Industrie
F-WWCF Airbus Industrie
F-WXWB Airbus Industrie
F-WZFA 052 all white
F-WZFB 200 LATAM Brasil
F-WZFI 055 all white
F-WZFR 098 Capital Airlines
F-WZFS 203 Malaysia Airlines - AF on nose
F-WZGE 201 Thai Airways International
F-WZGE 201 A350 Thai TLS 14-04-18
F-WZGG Airbus Industrie
F-WZGO 202 Lufthansa
F-WZGZ 178 Air China
F-WZNC 196 Ethiopian Airlines - VC on nose
F-WZND 209 Lufthansa
F-WZND 209 A350 Lufthansa TLS 14-04-18
F-WZNK 141 primer
F-WZNN 212 Lufthansa
F-WZNS 204 Delta Air Lines - 3510 on tail
no reg 161 primer
no reg 169 Cathay Pacific Airways
no reg 206 Cathay Pacific Airways
no reg 207 primer
no reg 211 primer
no reg 214 primer
no reg 215 primer
no reg 220 Singapore Airlines
no reg 228 Phillipine Airlines
no reg 233 Cathay Pacific Airways
+ 250 a nose section in primer.

F-WWAD 256 Emirates Airlines
F-WWAD 256 A380 Toulouse 14-4-18
F-WWSM 249 Emirates Airlines
(F-WXXL) blue/white colours
F-WXXL A380 TLS 14-04-18
no reg 252 Emirates Airlines

203/36-CC Boeing E-3F Sentry French Air Force
CN-NMH Airbus A320 Air Arabia Maroc
CN-TMR Beech 350 King Air FL-996
CN-TMR B350 Toulouse 14-4-18
CS-TPV Embraer Emb-190 TAP Express
D-ASTZ Airbus A319 Germania
D-IJET Piaggio P180
EC-KAI Aerospatiale ATR-42 FedEx
EC-KAI ATR-42 FedEx TLS 14-04-18
EC-MUC Airbus A319 Volotea
EC-MUT Airbus A319 Volotea
EI-EXA Boeing 717 Volotea
EI-EXA B717 TLS 14-04-18
EI-GJG Boeing 737 Ryanair
F-GGIP Socata TB-20 Trinidad
F-HFGP Beech 350 King Air
F-HMLG Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 HOP!
G-EZRP Airbus A320 easyJet
M-LEFB Cessna 550 Citation II
N155AG Beech B55 Baron
VP-CSM Lockheed JetStar
VP-CSM Jetstar TLS 14-04-18

Not a bad haul bar the ATRs, there were a few we could see but not read.

Hopefully there would be some at our next stop, Francazal

Toulouse-Francazal 14-04-18
2-LFEA Aerospatiale ATR-42 Satena
6V-ASN Aerospatiale ATR-72 Air Senegal
A6-RRA Embraer ERJ-145 Rotana Jet
EC-IDG Aerospatiale ATR-42 Burgos
F-OIJH Aerospatiale ATR-72 Air Caraibes
F-OIQU Aerospatiale ATR-72 Air Tahiti
F-WNUA Aerospatiale ATR-72 Fastjet
F-WNUC Aerospatiale ATR-72 Fastjet
F-WNUD Aerospatiale ATR-72 Fastjet
F-WNUE Aerospatiale ATR-72 all white
F-WTBX Aerospatiale ATR-72 1466 Avianca Argentina
F-WTBY Aerospatiale ATR-72 1474 Avianca Argentina
F-WWBZ Airbus A320 8053 Air Guilin
F-WWEE Aerospatiale ATR-72 1456 Alliance Air
F-WWEG Aerospatiale ATR-72 1481 Wings
F-WWEI Aerospatiale ATR-72 1437 Avianca Argentina
F-WWEJ Aerospatiale ATR-72 1438 Garuda Explore - AS on nose
F-WWEK Aerospatiale ATR-72 1439 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWEK Aerospatiale ATR-72 1485 all white
F-WWEL Aerospatiale ATR-72 1463 Alliance Air
F-WWER Aerospatiale ATR-72 1422 Garuda Explore
F-WWER Aerospatiale ATR-72 1445 Alliance Air
I-SKYB Embraer EMB-120 Skybridge
M-IBAJ Aerospatiale ATR-72 all white
N401SV Aerospatiale ATR-42 Silver Airways
N403SV Aerospatiale ATR-42 Silver Airways
OE-LCF Airbus A321 Air Berlin
OE-LCN Airbus A321 Air Berlin
OE-LCP Airbus A321 Air Berlin
OE-LCR Airbus A321 Air Berlin
YV2308 Aerospatiale ATR-42 DHL
no reg Aerospatiale ATR-72 Passaredo - DE on nose

And the ATRs totally redeemed themselves.

Off towards Tarbes now via a few GA stops.

Sabonneres was first up. Dog got to put his O-level Francais to good use in a chat with the President of the Aeroclub. He then showed us round the hangars and told us of a few more ULM fields in the area. Whilst we were taking a few snaps he showed Cat where they were and GoogleCat was off plotting. No surprise that this was a clear out.

Sabonneres 14-04-18
30-SA Flight Design CT SW - F-JSFQ - cn checked 06-12-03
30-SA F-JSFQ CTSW Sabonneres 14-04-18
31-DB/F-JIGV Flight Design CTSW
31-DB F-JIGV CTSW Sabonneres 14-04-18
31-FR Sauper J.300 Joker
31-GK Humbert Tetras 912B
61-GK Tetras Sabonneres 14-04-18
31-SA Humbert Tetras 912B
32-NF Tecnam P92
59-WF/F-JDCH Zenair CH.601
59-WF F-JDCH CH601 Sabonneres 14-04-18
81-HY Sauper J.300 Joker - F-JIHY
82-JI Vol Mediterrani VM-1 Esqual
82-JI VM-1 Esqual Sabonneres 14-04-18
82-LO Air Creation
82-LO Type Unk Sabonneres 14-04-18
90-DW Humbert Tetras 912BS
90-DW Tetras Sabonneres 14-04-18
D-EFAG Piper L-18C Super Cub
D-EFAG Cub Sabonneres 14-04-18
F-AZGF/AJD Nord N.3202
F-AZGF AJD N3202 Sabonneres 14-04-18
F-GDLY Socata MS.892E Rallye
F-GDLY Rallye Sabonneres 14-04-18
F-GEBM Piper PA-18 Super Cub
F-GEBM PA-18 Sabonneres 14-04-18
F-PEGH Jodel D.113
F-PEGH Jodel Sabonneres 14-04-18
F-PLMA Jodel D.126
F-PLMA Jodel Sabonneres 14-04-18
F-POLA Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStar
F-POLA Glastar Sabonneres 14-04-18
F-PRCO Jodel D.18
F-PRCO Jodel Sabonneres 14-04-18

The first of the 'new' fields contained a hangar full of Gyro's. Friendly chaps here who were fine with us taking photos. One was keen to explain how his Gyro was converted from a trike into a Gyro! One small hangar was locked but the other three were accessed.

Bois de La Pierre 14-04-18
31-ABA Gyrocopter
31-ABA Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
31-FX/F-JZYL Rans S.6ES
31-LI Celier Aviation Xenon
31-LI Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
31-PC Doleac Aircopter A3C
31-PC Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
31-PR Gyrocopter
31-PR Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
31-TX Averso AX-08
31-TX Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
31-VB Averso AX-02
31-XK Averso AX-02
31-XM Gyrocopter
31-XM Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
31-XZ/F-JXMH Airic 02
31-YH Gyrocopter
31-YH Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
31-YP Averso AX-02
33-AFW Magni M-16
33-AFW Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
41-RH Pixie
41-RH Bois de la Pierre 14-04-18
976-AF/F-JSIW ELA Aviacion ELA 07

A hangar full at Le Fousseret but no access. The paramotor boss was not able to give access and was not for persuading despite the best efforts of Le Chien. One for another day when someone from the aeroclub is present.

Le Fousseret 14-04-18
31-KP Best Off Skyranger
+ paramotors 09-DN and 78-AKZ if they float your boat.

One hangar at Cazeres. Access granted resulting in another clear out here.

Cazeres 14-04-18
31-ABN I.C.P. MXP-740 Savannah cn checked 17-04-54-0540
31-AH Humbert Tetras 912B
31-KV CAG Toxo
31-OC Humbert Tetras 912B
31-OC Tetras  Cazeres 14-04-18
F-BIAV Jodel D.112
F-BIAV Jodel Cazeres 14-04-18
F-GDKQ Robin DR.400
F-GDKQ DR400 Cazeres 14-04-18
F-GIVB Maule MX-7
F-GIVB Maule Cazeres 14-04-18
F-PAJD Didier DID-AH01
F-PAJD Didier AH01 Cazeres 14-04-18
F-PCLD Quaissard GQ Monogast
F-PCLD Monogast Cazeres 14-04-18
F-PMXJ Jodel D.112
F-PPYS Jodel D.112
F-PPYS Jodel Cazeres 14-04-18
F-PVJB Wittman W.10 Tailwind
F-PVJB Tailwind Cazeres 14-04-18

A couple of open hangars and some squinnying at St. Gaudens.

St. Gaudens 14-04-18
31-AAK Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution
31-AAK VL-3 St Gaudens 14-04-18
31-QC/F-JRNP Vanessa Air VL-3 Sprint
31-QC F-JRNP VL-3 St Gaudens 14-04-18
(45-AGR)/F-JWGW Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic
F-BVXB Reims-Cessna F172M
F-CBPH/P7 Schleicher ASG-29 E
F-CBPH ASG-29 St Gaudens 14-04-18
F-CGSF/F Centrair 101A
F-CGSU Centrair 101A 
F-CHJK Glaser-Dirks DG-500
F-CHJK DG-500 St Gaudens 14-04-18
F-CPPC/BAF Schleicher ASK-21
F-CPSG Glaser-Dirks DG-600
F-GBCI Socata MS.880B

On to the last stop of the day. All locked up, nobody about. Just the Flamant outside looking a bit neglected.

Castelnau 14-04-18
(220) Dassault Flamant French Air Force
220 Flamant Castelnau 14-04-18

Tonights dwellings were in Tarbes. A walk in to town found not much open bar an (un) Irish pub. To be sure we had a few in there with a bite to eat. Note to self, do not take medication washed down with beer...

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Baltic Bash 8th - 11th March 2018 - Days 3 and 4

A cheeky little pre-brekkie squinny trip. Smoke me a kipper.

Panevezys (LY) 10-03-18
LY-AND PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-API Piper PA-28
LY-BAF PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-EGI Skystar S34
LY-GKX PZL-Bielsko SZD-48-1 Jantar Standard 2
LY-GPX Bocian
LY-XGR Kruoaja
LY-XVI LET L-13M Blanik

I'll be back for breakfast.

Onwards to Latvia again, Riga bound.

Riga-Spilve (YL) 10-03-18
YL-CCF AN-2  Riga-Spilve 10-3-18

The Security chap looked for someone to show us around, but nobody on site. A disappointment as lots of potential here.

On to the museum and IAP next. Despite phone calls and e-mails saying the museum would be open, it wasn't. We got what we could but another disappointment. Looks like we'll fly into Riga for the next trip out here!

Riga-Skulte (YL) 10-03-18
Latvijas Aviacijas Tehnikes Muzejs
(290421)/22 blue Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin Russian Air Force
(291109)/92 red Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin Russian Air Force
(110547307)/22 yellow Antonov An-2 Russian Air Force
(903007)/01 red Antonov An-14A Russian Air Force
(171511)/72 red LET L-13 Blanik Russian Air Force
(022611)/58 yellow Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI Russian Air Force
(022638)/14 red Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI Russian Air Force
(50023100)/10 yellow Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SMT Russian Air Force
(50029084)/40 yellow Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21ST Russian Air Force
(50027071)/76 yellow Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21ST Russian Air Force
(50027071) 76 yellow MiG-21 Riga-Skulte 10-03-18
(02685133)/06 red Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21US Russian Air Force
(516939011)/94 yellow Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM Russian Air Force
(0390207525)/74 outline Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M Russian Air Force
0390207525 74 white MiG-23 Riga-Skulte 10-3-18
(0390206503)/16 red Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23M Russian Air Force
0390206503 16 red MiG-23 Riga-Skulte 10-3-18
(N84027607)/34 red Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25RBS Russian Air Force
N84027607 34 red MiG-25 Riga-Skulte 10-3-18 N84027607 34 red MiG-25RBS Riga-Skulte 10-3-18
(3910601)/60 white Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27M Russian Air Force
3910601 60 white MiG-27 Riga-Skulte 10-3-18
(952)/52 blue Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29UB Russian Air Force
(952) 52 blue MiG-29 Riga-Skulte 10-03-18
(505009)/17 yellow Mil SM-1Wb Russian Air Force
(513219103)/21 red Mil Mi-2 Russian Air Force
(513832104)/22 red Mil Mi-2 Russian Air Force
513832104 22 red Mi-2 Riga-Skulte 10-3-18
10680704V/09 red Mil Mi-6A Russian Air Force
10680704V 09 red Mi-6 Riga-Skulte 10-03-18
(9710615)/17 red Mil Mi-8T Russian Air Force
(2201407)/20 red Mil Mi-24A Russian Air Force
(2201407) 20 red Mi-24 Riga-Skulte 10-03-18
(25710)/27 white Sukhoi Su-7BKL Russian Air Force
(23184)/43 red Sukhoi Su-7UM Russian Air Force
(-)/53 red Tupolev Tu-22M0 Russian Air Force
53 red TU-22 Riga-Skulte 10-03-18
(7960808)/22 red Yakovlev Yak-28R Russian Air Force
CCCP-02660 WSK-PZL An-2R
CCCP-24057 Kamov Ka-26
CCCP-31449 Mil Mi-4A
CCCP-31449 Mi-4 Riga-Skulte10-03-18
CCCP-32418 WSK-PZL An-2
CCCP-32418 AN-2 Riga-Skulte 10-03-18
CCCP-38342 Yakovlev Yak-18T
CCCP-42388 Tupolev Tu-104A - nose section
CCCP-46400 Antonov An-24B
OK-ZKC LET Z-37A Cmelak
RA-65717 Tupolev Tu-134A-3
RA-65717 TU-134 Riga-Skulte 10-03-18

EI-FVV Boeing 737 800 Norwegian Air International
OK-GLX Gulfstream 200
RA-02802 Hawker-Siddeley 125 700B
RA-02808 Hawker-Siddeley 125 700B
VP-BVC Canadair Regional-Jet 100ER Rusline - stored
VP-BVK Canadair Regional-Jet 100ER Rusline - stored
VQ-BJL Boeing 737 524 UTair Aviation
VQ-BNE Canadair Regional-Jet 100ER Rusline - stored
VQ-BNY Canadair Regional-Jet 100ER Rusline - stored
YL-BAE de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BAH de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BAI de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BAJ de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BAQ de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BAY de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BBI Boeing 737 33A Air Baltic
YL-BBT de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BBU de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BBV de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-BBW de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q-402NG Air Baltic
YL-CSB Bombardier CS-300 Air Baltic
YL-CSD Bombardier CS-300 Air Baltic
YL-RAA Antonov AN-26B RAF Avia
+ 3 x CRJ, 1 x E120 stored far side

Over at the old military side it was Beagle time.

Riga-Skulte Barracks (YL) 10-03-18
(-)/38 blue Ilyushin IL-28T Russian Air Force
38 blue IL-28 Riga-Skulte 10-3-18

Time to move on to Tukums for another museum. Despite emailing in advance we had no reply. Nothing else for it but a yomp around the perimeter fence in 2ft snow drifts for The Trenchfoot Trio! At least we avoided the wolves.

Tukums/Jurmala (YL) 10-03-18
Sky Zoo Aviation Museum
18 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM Hungarian Air Force
18 MiG-21 Tukums 10-03-18
(61) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN Bulgarian Air Force
61 MiG-23 ex Bulgarian AF Tukums, Latvia 10-03-18
(115) Mil Mi-24D Hungarian Air Force
115 Mi-24 Tukums 10-03-18
(305) Sukhoi Su-22UM-3K N17532368305 Polish Air Force
305 SU-22 Tukums 10-03-18
(1021) PZL-Mielec TS-11 100bis[B] Iskra Polish Air Force
(3910) Sukhoi Su-22M-4 Polish Air Force
(5531) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis(SAU) Hungarian Air Force
5531 MiG-21 Tukums 10-03-18
3X-GGU Ilyushin IL-18V - not yet in main museum area
3X-GGU IL-18 Tukums 10-03-18
(LY-AAC) Yakovlev Yak-40

UR-DAP Yakovlev Yak-40
UR-DAP Yak-40 Tukums 10-03-18
YL-KST/2 Aero Vodochody L-39 C Albatros Baltic Bees
Unmarked Let-410 - all white near Baltic Bees area

Some of those at the Sky Zoo are in rather awful paint schemes.

Another AN-2 next at the Kurzeme Fortress Museum. After squelching down towards this we saw it was another trek across deep snow. It did not look very photogenic so we decided not to proceed and keep our feet wet.

Zante (YL) 10-03-18

Next up was a stop for a MiG-15. There seemed nobody about so we had a walk towards the hangar when all of a sudden some Russian chap appeared from nowhere, just like Mr. Benn. After a chat he was happy to show us in the hangar as long as we took no photos inside.

Cirava (YL) 10-3-18
(109951-04)/30 blue Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI Russian Air Force
30 bl MiG-15UTI Cirava, Latvia 10-03-18
40 PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga Latvian Air Force
200 PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A Latvian Air Force
204 LET L-13 Blanik Latvian Air Force
213 PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A Latvian Air Force
N7472B Champion 7EC
YL-CAD Cessna 172H
YL-CAI Reims-Cessna F.172K
YL-CAM PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
YL-CAN PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
YL-CAP PZL-Bielsko SZD-50-3 Puchacz
YL-CAR Piper PA-31
(YL-DAA)/692 LAK LAK-12 Lietuva
YL-DAB/6 LAK LAK-12 Lietuva
YL-DAF/51 PZL-Bielsko SZD-48-1 Jantar Standard 2
YL-DAG/55 PZL-Bielsko SZD-48-1 Jantar Standard 2
YL-DAH PZL-Bielsko SZD-48-1 Jantar Standard 2
YL-DAI/91 PZL-Bielsko SZD-48 Jantar Standard 3
YL-DAO/96 LET L-13 Blanik
YL-DBD LET L-13 Blanik
YL-DBP LET L-13 Blanik
YL-DCO Glider
YL-KLD TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting
YL-KUL LET L-13M Blanik
YL-LSD Aerotechnik L-13SE Vivat

Cracking job that was.

A brace of Miggage next up

Liepaja (YL) 10-03-18
(020000504)/05 red Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23S Russian Air Force
020000504 05 red MiG-23S Liepaja 10-3-18
(9400M24)/27 red Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PFM Russian Air Force
27red MiG-21 Liepaja, Latvia 10-03-18

By the time we got to Klaipeda it was dark. As before a team decision was made to night-stop here as the hangar looked squinnyable during daylight. Better just log the 5 AN-2s outside first though...just in case.

Klaipeda (LY) 10-03-18
LY-AEX AN-2 Klaipeda 10-03-18

We overnighted at the Art Hotel Bohema, Klaipeda. Then it was off for a good meal and lashings of Svyturys until silly o'clock at Friedrich Passage. A night cap, or two, at the hotel bar and a bit of karaoke support for some local rounded off a great evening. There may be sore heads in the morning!


After a cracking nights sleep, I didn't hear Busters Viking horn once, it was up for brekkie...albeit it a tad later than planned. Poor Cat was feeling a bit tender but nothing some brekkie couldn't sort out.

Back to Klaipeda to squinny the hangar was the plan. The little lie in worked in our favour as there was a happy gent on site to show us round the hangar. Clear out!

Klaipeda (LY) 11-03-18
I-8538 Aerotec MXP-780 Calima - cn checked AA-08-06-80-141
I-8538 MXP-780 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-AEJ AN-2 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-AES AN-2 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-AEX AN-2 Klaipeda 11-3-18
LY-AFU AN-2 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-AQJ Cessna 172I
LY-AQJ Klaipeda 11-3-18
LY-AQK Cessna 172M
LY-AQK C172 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-ARN AN-2 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-ARP Cessna 182K
LY-ARP C182 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-BBC Pipistrel Sinus
LY-BBC Sinus Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-ICG Piper PA-38
LY-ICG PA-38 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-TVR MXP-1000 Tayrona - cn checked AA-12-05-90-006
LY-TVR Tayrona Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-UBJ TL Ultralight TL-96 Star
LY-UBJ TL-96 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-UCF Aeroprakt A.22L2 Vision
LY-UCF A22 Klaipeda 11-03-18
LY-URK Flight Design CTSW
LY-URK Klaipeda 11-3-18
Unmarked AN-2 fuselage
Unknown AN-2 Klaipeda 11-3-18

A large hangar at Kartena but all shut up and nobody about. A good team effort in squinnying this little lot!

Kartena (LY) 11-03-18

G-MMTS Solar Wings Panther
LY-AJX/9 PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-APS Yakovlev Yak-18T
LY-AWQ Ikarus Comco C-22 Fox
LY-GHZ LET L-13 Blanik
LY-GID LET L-13 Blanik
LY-GIH LET L-13 Blanik
LY-GIJ LET L-13 Blanik
LY-GIL LET L-13 Blanik
LY-THE Glider
LY-TMA Air Creation Tanarg 912ES
LY-XC_ Blanik

An open hangar and another friendly reception at Telsiai.

Telsiai (LY) 11-03-18
LY-AJM/7 PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-AJM Wilga Telsiai 11-03-18
LY-AJN/10 PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-AJN Wilga Telsiai 11-03-18
LY-AJO PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-AJO Wilga Telsiai 11-03-18
LY-AJP/12 PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-AJP PZL104 Telsiai 11-3-18
LY-BBY Skyranger
LY-BBY Skyranger Telsiai 11-03-18
LY-BDK Kitfox
LY-BDK Kitfox Telsiai 11-03-18
LY-ETA Scheibe SF-25C 
LY-ETA SF-25 Telsiai 11-03-18
LY-GGU LET L-13 Blanik
LY-GHE PZL-Bielsko SZD-48-1 
LY-GHF PZL-Bielsko SZD-48-1 
LY-GHI LAK LAK-12 Lietuva
LY-UAA Raj Hamsa X Air

Three hangars at Mazeikiai. The chap on site had keys for the two singlet ones.

Mazeikiai (LY) 11-03-18
LY-AIN AN-2 Mazeikiai 11-03-18
LY-ULY TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting
LY-ULY Mazeikiai 11-3-18
LY-UVD TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting
LY-UVD TL-2000 Mazeikiai 11-03-18

More squinnygraphing next.

Akmene (LY) 11-03-18
I-5911 Homebuilt (high wing)
I-7443 PIK PIK-26 Mini-Sytky
LY-AJK PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-AJK PZL104 Akmene 11-3-18
LY-GGH LET L-13 Blanik - wings only
LY-GQH PZL-Bielsko SZD-9bis Bocian 1E

A drive round the mil base eeked out a decent score

Siauliai-Zokniai AB (LY) 11-03-18
(1503)/01 red Sukhoi Su-7B Russian Air Force
01 blue LET L-410UVP Lithuanian Air Force
02 blue LET L-410UVP Lithuanian Air Force
03 blue Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros Lithuanian Air Force - GG
03 blue Antonov An-26B Lithuanian Air Force
(05 blue) Antonov An-26B Lithuanian Air Force
07 blue Aeritalia C-27J Spartan Lithuanian Air Force
08 blue Aeritalia C-27J Spartan Lithuanian Air Force
10 blue WSK-PZL An-2R Lithuanian Air Force
20 blue Mil Mi-8T Lithuanian Air Force - rotorless
21 blue Mil Mi-8T Lithuanian Air Force
23 blue Mil Mi-8T Lithuanian Air Force - rotorless
24 blue Mil Mi-8T Lithuanian Air Force - rotorless
(27 blue) Mil Mi-8 PS Lithuanian Air Force - VIP colours (Thanks Tony)
28 blue Mil Mi-8T Lithuanian Air Force
30 blue Antonov An-2TD Lithuanian Air Force
Unmarked Mil Mi-8T (99257179) - red/blue colours

The last planned GA drome, and a final bit of squinnying, and straight into an icy puddle just as LB's feet were thawing out!

Seduva (LY) 11-03-18
LY-AJT PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-AJV PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A
LY-GHM LET L-13 Blanik
LY-GHT LET L-13 Blanik
LY-TNT Cessna 182P
LY-ULT Aeroprakt A.22 Vision
LY-ULT Seduva 11-3-18

As we had a bit of time we had another quick look at Aleksotas

Kaunas-Aleksotas (LY) 11-03-18
LY-CPL Tecnam P.2006T
LY-CPL P2006 Aleksotas 11-03-18
LY-UDL Rolandas Kalinauskas RK-6 Magija
LY-UDL Kaunas-Aleksotas 11-3-18

Time to drop off the car and catch an AN-12

Kaunas (LY) 11-03-18
UR-CAJ Antonov An-12BK

HA-LWG was the ride home operating W68121. A different seating arrangement to the other Wizz flights I've been on and not for the better.

A quick circuit at the local to catch Oprah's Gulf 6

Luton 11-03-18
D-ALIK Canadair Regional-Jet 850
EI-GDH Boeing 737-800 Ryanair
N540W Gulfstream G650

In total we clocked up 1789kms in not always the best driving conditions. Bloody good job Dog. The planning, pre trip and on the go, was second to none. Bloody good job Cat. All said it was a great trip with plenty of quality frames, plentiful food and beer, great company and welcoming attitudes at all the places we visited. Looking forward to doing to part two of the The Baltics though maybe in summer. Stay safe. Be seeing you.